Vast amounts of data and 15000 pictures

of 2460 species of Australian tropical plants

Resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 supported

and for Wide Screen Monitors up to 2560 x 1440.

Everything you ever wanted to know about growing  Australian tropical plants:-

Where to plant them, how tall they will grow, what part of Australia they will grow in, attracts birds/butterflies, bush-tucker, perfume and much more.


Within Australia $60  + $8 postage

International $35 + $10 post

Creating a Butterfly Garden

How to butterflies to your garden. Everything you ever wanted to know about the subject:-

*  what butterflies can be attracted in your region of Australia

*  butterfly host plants

*  flowers for butterflies

*  large and colourful moths

This program contains a large collection of Australian butterfly life histories and host plant photographs.

Worldwide    $25


Western Australian Wildflowers

Original images are cropped to 1200 x 800

This is a 2 cd set.
The first CD contains an installable slide show of the images with a text overlay, showing the name of the plant.

Once installed, the slide show program can be used to view any jpg images that you have on your computer.

The second CD has all the images grouped in named folders for the region where they were taken, but without the text overlay.

In all there are about 860 images representing about 330 species.

With these images you can make the most spectacular screen saver you ever saw!

Within Australia $30 plus $5 postage

International $10 postage   

Butterfly Profiles

Everything you wanted to know about individual butterflies (and some moths).

 These profiles will be in PDF format and download only.

This one has 18 pages, with large spectacular images.

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Fern Spore

Mostly Rare

Australian Species

These will be high resolution PDF files (300 dpi print resolution) so professional print output can be achieved.  This makes the files fairly large but the stunning quality of the printed result is worth while.

All About Australian Butterflies

Just Reprinted

And available once more.

This book contains a vast amount of information about butterflies, with real live butterfly photographs rather than the usual pinned specimens.

Click here for more details and ordering.

Chapters include:

An Introduction to Butterflies

What is a Butterfly?

Butterfly Life Cycle

What is the difference between a Butterfly and a Moth?

What Controls Butterfly Populations?

What Defences do Butterflies have?

What do Butterflies Eat?

What are the Threats to Butterflies?

What are the Butterfly Families?

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Can I breed My Own Butterflies?

Do We Have Many Moths in Australia?

Ideal for school projects and school libraries.

Buy special copies signed by the author.

This book gives a broad overview of the various creatures that may be found in an Australian Garden.

Chapters include:

An Introduction to Garden Wildlife

What Wildlife am I likely to see in the Garden?

Garden Birds

Where do Birds Nest?

Garden Mammals

Garden Reptiles

Garden Frogs

Garden Insects

What Garden Wildlife can be seen at Night?

How do I Attract More Wildlife to my Garden?

Should Food Be Placed Out To Attract Wildlife?

Are Nest Boxes and Hollows Useful?

Attracting Birds to the Garden

Attracting Frogs to the Garden

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

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Click on the various links to get more information about each product.

Download Version

After Purchase you will be sent a link to download a zip file. Unzip it and run Butterfly Garden setup.exe

The link will be valid for 5 days.

The setup program will set up three different versions on the Start Menu. Select 1024-768 for laptops with small screens.

1280-1024 for computers with 4:3 ratio monitors.

1920-1080 for desktop monitors or laptops with HD or larger screens.

What makes this book different from other field guides is that all the illustrations of the butterflies are actual photos of live specimens. In most cases, this is how you will see them in the wild. It is just not possible to have every species as it would take a lifetime to gather live images of all the butterfly species as quite a few are very rare and extremely difficult to find.

This book should be read in conjunction with All About Butterflies of Australia (Reed New Holland, 2016) to get an overall view of just what butterflies are about. To save space most of the information in that book has not been repeated here. This publication has concentrated on illustrating as far as possible the adult butterflies, their early stages and the related host plants that the larvae feed on.

Due to hit the book shops from March 17th. Look for it at all good book stores.

 Price $54.00 - all copies signed by Author.

More details

Sorry, but I have not had time to work on these while writing the Butterfly Field Guide.

Now that it is published I will get back to these, but first I have thousands of images and a lot of species to add to Aust. Tropical Plants.

Buy special copies signed by the author.

Version 5  released October 2021

 Garry & Nada Sankowsky