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This book gives a good overview of the wide variety of wildlife that you may encounter in your garden.

Chapters include:

An Introduction to Garden Wildlife

What Wildlife am I likely to see in the Garden?

Garden Birds

Where do Birds Nest?

Garden Mammals

Garden Reptiles

Garden Frogs

Garden Insects

What Garden Wildlife can be seen at Night?

How do I Attract More Wildlife to my Garden?

Should Food Be Placed Out To Attract Wildlife?

Are Nest Boxes and Hollows Useful?

Attracting Birds to the Garden

Attracting Frogs to the Garden

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

All copies signed by the Author

Garry Sankowsky

$38  post free

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This book has a hard outer plastic cover that makes it ideal for using in the field and making it extremely difficult to damage.

Sold out - still available from some large book shops.