- Garry and Nada Sankowsky

Over the next few years the authors will be accumulating huge numbers of photographs and amounts of data on Australian tropical plants.  Rather than have numerous different volumes of the CD manufactured (which costs a large amount of money) we will be duplicating them ourselves.  Version 5 is now out and contains 2460 species and 15000  images.  

The maximum number of images for each species has been increased to 8, though most will have 4 or 5.  You can compare up to 4 species in one window and it is hoped that this facility will be of use to taxonomists.  From now on (if flowers are included for a species) there will be a very close up image of the flower which will be of use for comparing closely related species.  We have our own very definite views on taxonomy and this will continue to be shown throughout the series.

While travelling around we also voluntarily collect specimens for various Australian herbaria.  We also provide our images to these institutions for their online herbaria.

Sales of other products on this web site help in the ongoing funding of the 'Australian Tropical Plants' project and the voluntary work carried out by Garry and Nada Sankowsky for various scientific  institutions.  Visit out Home Page.

Garry and Nada Sankowsky, now retired and devoting our time to

collecting images, specimens and data on Australian Tropical Plants.


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Australian Tropical Plants has been put on hold while we are writing a couple of books. It will be back on track sometime next year.