Creating a Butterfly Garden.

For Microsoft Windows Only
Find out how to attract butterflies to your garden:

*  what butterflies can be attracted in your region of Australia
*  butterfly host plants
*  flowers for butterflies
*  large and colourful moths

This program contains a large collection of Australian butterfly life histories and host plant photographs.
Illustrated with 2400 high quality images 

This is an updated program extracted from the old “A Garden on the Wing” CD ROM. After purchase you will be sent a link to download a zip file. Just unzip this file when downloaded and run Butterfly Garden setup.exe

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The setup program will set up three different versions on the Start Menu. Select 1024-768 for laptops with small screens.

1280-1024 for computers with 4:3 ratio monitors.

1920-1080 for desktop monitors or laptops with HD or larger screens.

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 Garry & Nada Sankowsky