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Amphineuron opulentum - Asplenium athertonense - Blechnum articulatum - Blechnum wurunuran - Chingia australis  - Cyathea baileyana - Cyathea celebica - Cyathea Exilis - Diplazium queenslandicum - Dryopteris hasseltii - Dryopteris sparsa - Lastreopsis microsora - Lastreopsis tinarooensis - Macrothelypteris torresiana - Oenotrichia tripinnata - Pneumatopteris costata - Pneumatopteris sogerensis - Pronephrium triphyllum - Pteris pacifica - Revwattsia fragilis - Sphaerostephanos heterocarpus - Teratophyllum brightiae - Dicksonia herbertii

We offer spore from a range of tropical Australian ferns.  We do not provide information on germinating spore as there is a vast amount available on the web.  If you are not experienced in growing ferns from spore we suggest you start with some of the common species.

Spore will be sent in a normal DL envelope (air mail to overseas customers).

Spore of Australian tropical ferns

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Amphineuron opulentum

Cyathea exilis

Blechnum wurunuran

Blechnum articulatum

Chingia australis

Revwattsia fragilis

Oenotrichia tripinnata

Diplazium queenslandicum

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 Garry & Nada Sankowsky