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The following tutorials completely free.  They are in the form of an  Adobe PDF and contain very accurate and detailed information including screen shots, diagrams and photos.  

All the information in the tutorials is from personal experience and not rehashed from other articles.

Each tutorial relating to computers gives you information on where to buy the necessary software from the official supplier.  It often pays to search the Web to see if you can get it cheaper.

Simply click on the various links to download any item you wish.

HOW TO CONVERT VINAL RECORDS TO CDs. (or Cassette or Reel to Reel tapes)

A lot of people have and extensive record (or tape) collection but lack the know-how to transfer them to CDs via their computer.  You do not need an expensive computer, selecting the correct software is very important.  This tutorial gives detailed information on what software to get; where to get it; what hardware is necessary; how to hook it all up and finally HOW TO DO IT.
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VCRs are slipping away fast and most manufacturers have drastically reduced their model count and some have even ceased making them.  Very soon the price will start going up as production scales down.  If you have a large collection of video tapes it is much cheaper (a fraction of the cost) to transfer them to DVDs rather than buy new DVDs.  Many of them you will not be able to buy anyway.  For this you need specific equipment and software.  An old Pentium 11 computer will not do the job.

This tutorial tells you everything you need to have and do.  Much of the software supplied with computers or DVD burners is almost useless. .  If you have not yet purchased suitable equipment, buy this tutorial and save money.  The software used in the tutorial is highly efficient but not highly priced.

As the saying goes 'Oils aint oils'.  Some DVD burners simply do not cut it and blank DVDs are even worse.  You do not need to buy the most expensive ones, there are some very high quality, low priced ones.  This tutorial will recommend ones that really work.
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There is no difference between recording for PAL or NTSC, just a few settings that refer to each video format.


Do you have musical Video Tapes and would like to turn them into high quality DVDs with all the talk and other rubbish removed? improve the sound by a decent amount of bass boost? or are you into home movies?  If so, this tutorial will show you how to edit video like a pro.  If you have purchased the software (MPEG Video Wizard) and bogged down, you can cut straight to the chase by buying this tutorial.  For editing the audio on a video track you will need Adobe Audition 1.5 (unless you are lucky enough to have Cool Edit Pro 2).  Adobe purchased Cool Edit and have re-badged it as Adobe Audition 1.5.  There are a few minor improvements but the old Cool Edit Pro 2 will do very nicely.
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Both PAL and NTSC information in the same document.

HOW TO USE TMPGenc DVD Author to create DVD files.

After you have created and edited your video files you need to create the DVD files (vob files) so you can use Nero to burn them to a DVD.
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