Syzygium monospermum - Daintree Bumpy Satinash

Daintree Bumpy Satinash is a very beautiful plant with glossy, deep purple new growth.  The large flowers are produced on the trunk and are usually yellow, but sometimes pink forms occur.  Like many trunk-flowering species, it will flower well even in semi-shade. Normally, it does not flower till the trunk is at least 15 cm in diameter.  Early flowering can be encouraged if the lower branches are removed to develop the trunk.

Be careful, do not remove any of the lower branches till the tree is at least 5 m high or you will drastically reduce the tree’s ability to photosynthesize.  This applies to all trees - early removal of the lower branches produces a stunted and often misshaped tree.  This ridiculous idea was put about by the Qld Forestry Department and caused most of the small private timber plantings to be completely useless. Timber trees should never have their lower branches removed; as the light levels become too low for the leaves to function properly the tree will naturally shed the branches, resulting in a smooth straight trunk.

It is quite hardy, and will rarely require any extra water.


Cooktown to Black Mountain, just north of Kuranda, in wet to very wet rainforest.